The Adopt a School campaign connects qualifying schools across the nation in need of musical instruments with donors interested in supporting music education within a community of their choice.

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How it works

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (MHOF) surveyed public school music teachers across the nation to collect information regarding the need for musical instruments to support in-school music education programming and student participation. Following are the results:

Through the Adopt A School campaign, donors can select a specific school in need to benefit from their donation*. Schools in need are qualified through MHOF’s vetting and eligibility process, giving donors confidence that their investment is protected and sustainable, impacting students for a minimum of 10 years (the lifespan of an instrument in a school setting.) While this list will continue to grow, schools listed below have been qualified for a donation of instruments. To learn more about a specific music program and to make a donation, simply select a school to visit their campaign page:

*If you prefer to donate to the campaign’s general fund rather than selecting a school, click here and MHOF will direct your support to a participating school in need.

With generous and transformative support from Eddie Van Halen over the years and now continuing through his son Wolfgang, the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation is pleased to announce that the Van Halen Family has committed to kickstarting the Adopt A School campaign with a generous $1,000 donation towards each of the first 100 participating schools.

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Your cash donation goes directly to MHOF allowing the foundation to work with each teacher to purchase the school’s needed instruments at a deeply discounted rate (⅓ of list price for most instruments.) Instruments are then delivered directly to the school, cash is not exchanged with granted schools.

5% of donations are retained for JustGiving’s required service fee, MHOF retains an additional 5% to cover administrative costs associated with school vetting and granting of instruments.

No, the Adopt a School teacher survey was the first step for teachers to inform the foundation as to their school’s needs. In order to ensure sustainability of the investment and that a donation will result in the intended impact on students, schools in need of instruments must complete MHOF’s grant application and participate in an in-person or remote site visit as part of the foundation’s qualification process.

Music teachers know the needs of their program and students best which is why the foundation works with each individual teacher to determine the types of instruments to donate in order to best meet each school’s unique needs.

With a minimum $5k donation for an elementary school or a minimum $10k donation for a middle or high school, this is possible if the school meets MHOF’s eligibility criteria to apply, completes the grant application and meets MHOF’s qualification criteria. For more information, please contact Natalia Hernandez at or 818-762-4328.

No! Music teachers at schools in need within your community that meet the foundation’s grant guidelines should contact the foundation at for more information.

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